“Edutilos started out in 1996 when I started talking to my friend Chris Rose about this fantasy series I wanted to write.  I needed a way to make science the reason for magic because I was tired of reading “oh, he’s a magician” or “because of magic” in the fantasy novels that I love.  I was getting a big kick out of fantasy and science fiction back then because I was intrigued by the genre’s ability to take modern social issues and really highlight them and talk about the positive and negative sides of those views, without a bunch of backlash from the public.”

– Dustin Sweet 2010

“When I first saw Dustin he was checking in to the dorm I was a residence officer at.  He stood there in his trashed jeans, black shirt and trench coat.  I thought ‘this guy is going to be trouble’.  We got to talking about Braveheart and ten years later he’s asking if I want to write in this fantasy world with him.  I said yes and we wrote our first screenplay for a feature film.  It was terrible, sure, but the kernel was still there.  This spring he called me up about Long Slide, pitching it as the end of the end of the world.  I was immediately involved”

– Dave Merlino 2011

“I’ve been working with Dustin on and off since the late nineties when we met in art school.  We had just finished a music video for Society Burning and it’s Sweet’s turn in the barrel of “what shall we make” and he brings us this.  Just absolutely more than we thought that we could do at the time.  A week before filming and he’s got all these people coming in from out of town and his lead actor becomes unavailable.  I told him I would stand in and he didn’t even flinch.  Now I’ve had the surreal experience of looking at myself in the middle of these special effects shots for six months acting like an action hero and wondering ‘Who is that guy?’.”

-Dave Mansfield 2012


Production started the last weekend of June 2011 and wrapped up the first weekend of July 2012.  We borrowed equipment (and a cameraman) from Swashbuckler Media.

There was a fire ban on the national forests that we intended to shoot in and so every outdoor shot is within 50 yards of a major roadway.

Forest fire footage generously provided by Los Alamos

Interiors were picked up at the Santa Fe Complex, Dr. Glen Carlin’s veterinary hospital (which closed soon afterwards), and Vivanet 2.0

Aerial shots arranged with the Pueblo Balloon Company.

Post production wrapped June 2012.

Swag available at our Online Store.

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